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Need quality blog posts written by an experienced web copywriter who will deliver on-time and with guaranteed satisfaction?  Want a different approach from the typical blog author?  Looking for blog posts that will engage your readers, populate your blog with new material, and boost traffic to your site?  If so, you’ve found the right place.

I’ve been writing persuasive copy for both print and the web for over twenty years – first in the advertising industry, and later as a service to others.  At this point, I’ve chosen to restrict my work primarily to writing blog posts.

I seek to distinguish myself from run-of-the-mill freelance writers by maintaining high standards of professionalism, writing quality, and efficiency.  Each blog post I write for you will match your specifications or it will be re-written until it does.  And I make that claim confident that the quality of my work will make re-writes very rare.

Want a Quick Tour of Sample Blog Post Styles?

I can write from a variety of perspectives and in a variety of styles including those you’ll find in this quick tour of sample posts.

If you’d like to see work I do for an actual client of mine, you can visit a website where I write news and opinion articles from a conservative/libertarian viewpoint.  This link will take you to that site and display only my articles on the site to make things less confusing for you.

Actually Come Here to Read My Blog?

Here are all my blog posts in chronological order.  Or, if you are interested in a particular topic, you can click on the topic of your choice under the “Post Topics” heading in that sidebar on your right.

Keep in mind that I’ve been so busy with clients, whose work obviously comes first, that I’ve not kept this blog up as I had originally intended. To be honest, it now serves more as a sample of my work as opposed to a regular, ongoing project.

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